Himalayan Kittens

Shizari Himalayan Kittens

Shizari & Dumuzi (Retired), Breeders

Shizari Himalayan Kittens

Dr. Diana Kanoy, Breeder, with Shah Jahan, a lynx point Himalayan (retired)

We & the cats live in the country, north of Ocala, Florida, where we specialize in doll-face, blue or seal point kittens. Our babies are raised in the house, & in the first weeks stay in their own screened in porch with plenty of fresh air, comfortable bedding, room to roam, a big cat tree, & great views! As they get older & friskier, they are allowed to go into the adjacent catio where they can climb, perch, swing, or sit in a hammock.

We are a very small cattery, so every kitten gets plenty of attention. They are handled & talked to every day for socialization, becoming comfortable with us & with visitors too, and bringing out the breed’s naturally friendly disposition. People love our kittens so much they often come back for another! In fact, getting two at the same time is company for them, & more fun to watch for you!

When they are ready to begin eating on their own, already fat from nursing with mama, they are fed a variety premium kitten food, so they will have an appreciation for different tastes & flavors while growing strong & healthy; we can give you brand names & samples. The optimum age to get a kitten is 8-12 weeks.

The parents are on-site: the queen is blue point & the sire is seal point. Both are blue-eyed, of course, have beautiful, medium-long coats, & are friendly & affectionate. The cats are registered with the National Cat Fanciers’ Association. We do not participate in cat shows, we just love them as pets.

The kittens can go to new homes at eight weeks. They will have health certificates from our veterinarian, will be weaned, litter trained, socialized, & ready to play with you! While you are eagerly awaiting, we can send you updated photos as they grow. A $200 deposit will hold one for you, to be applied to the price when you pick it up. We wait until the kittens are a few weeks old to take deposits, but you can let us know what you are interested in beforehand.

We expect that our buyers will give the kittens loving homes, & have them spayed or neutered around four-six months old, & Never have them declawed. A scratching post is recommended! We hope you will send us photos as they grow, as many owners do. Testimonials from previous buyers are available.

Please email us for more information, current availability & prices, or to get announcements of future births.

  • The kittens come with a physical exam by a veterinarian, Florida Health Certificates, first shots, & microchips. And peacock feathers to play with!
  • Contact: Kittens352@gmail.com
  • More Photos: Facebook Group – Himalayan Kittens Shizari
  • We may advertise on Hoobly.com, GoKitty.com, Ocala4sale.com or other places. Sometimes we don’t advertise at all because people find out by word of mouth & contact us to reserve kittens, so that we may have a waiting list.
  • We do not ship our kittens.

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