About DPP

All About Dancing Peacock Paradise

  • Dancing Peacock Paradise is a privately-owned home & retreat center dedicated to spiritual events & personal retreats.
  • Dances of Universal Peace are offered regularly here, & in Gainesville & nearby communities (as well as around the world)
  • To be informed about local dance events, please e-mail: FLRetreats at Gmail.com
  • Monthly dances are usually 4th Saturdays @ 3 pm in Ft. McCoy at Dancing Peacock Paradise. Come early to enjoy the property & sign in
  • Confirm by phone if you haven’t received an email: 352 546-1345.

The Dances of Universal Peace honor the sacred traditions of the world by incorporating mantras & scripture into melodic moving meditations. The event will include singing, dancing, mediation, & prayers. Everything is taught in the moment & everyone participates. The Dances were envisioned by Samuel Lewis, a student of Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan.

These dances are a form of spiritual practice for many dancers, & you can help maintain the sacred, joyful atmosphere as we sing & dance.

 It is customary to hold a minute or so of silence after a dance ends, & to refrain from talking throughout the dance session.

  • To be informed about local dance events, please sign the E-mail list.
  • Monthly dances are usually 4th Saturdays @ 3:00 in Ft. McCoy at Dancing Peacock Paradise. Confirm by phone if you haven’t received an email:  352 546-1345.

Potluck Courtesy

  •  When we eat together, it is a time of sharing, bonding, & connection, as well as appreciation of food. Here are some ideas for everyone to have the optimum experience!
  •  Please bring an abundant, healthy, mostly vegetarian, dish, either homemade or carefully selected; one for each person attending.
  •   We will have a blessing together before beginning to line up
  •   Remember that there are people behind you in line
  •   Move through as quickly as possible, saving conversation until seated
  •  Take small portions, so that everyone can try everything
  •  Those who are contributing to the music or leadership, or who are helping in the dining room will go toward the front of the line.
  •  While you are waiting in line, you may get a drink or nibble from the snack table in the dining room.
  •  Come back for seconds only after everyone is served
  • It’s nice to purposefully sit with people you don’t know well, & take the opportunity to get to know them better!
  •  When you are finished, clear your leftover food into the white compost can, dispose of your trash & stack your dishes.
  •  You do not need to rinse the dishes
  •  Remember to take your emptied dish home! You may leave leftovers in a plastic container, found in the black cart, for the people who are staying overnight.
  • Accommodations are unique & rustic, in beautiful natural surroundings.
  • All bathrooms are shared. In addition to the house bathroom & 2 cottage bathrooms, there are 5 open air out-houses, 2 outdoor hot water showers, and 1 outdoor vintage tub.
  • Please remake your bed with fresh sheets before leaving, and take your used linens to the laundry room in the pole barn/carport behind the house.
  • Leave your bedroom & bathroom clean for the next guests, and wash any dishes you may have used.

Everyone is requested to make a donation or pay the appropriate fee for each event. If that is not possible, then please volunteer for some extra service. Larger donations are graciously welcomed for upkeep & improvements.

Karma Yoga (Service)

Everyone is asked to contribute some service to help the event run smoothly. Help is needed for:
  • Registration
  • Potluck setup
  • Dinner cleanup
  • Kitchen cleanup
  • Dessert setup
  • Dessert cleanup
  • Showing newcomers around
  • Music (with practice together in advance)
  • Lighting candles
  • Filling water dispensers or pitchers
  • Making coffee
  • Breakfast setup (if overnight guests)
  • Linen laundry
  • Sweeping

Help would also be welcomed in advance of the event.

“Those who Love, Loving pour forth Radiance”