Our 4th Saturday Dances of Universal Peace gathering at Peacock Paradise is ON!

February 2022

Healing Dances & Practices

Our 4th Saturday Dances of Universal Peace gathering at Peacock Paradise is ON! Plan to arrive by 2:30 or 2:45 for the afternoon dance.

We’ll have a vegetarian potluck around 6:00, followed by zikr & desserts.

Responses about previous Healing Dances

“The healing dance was profound.  Everyone was so attuned that the atmosphere was energized with a calm vibration, bestowing blessing.”  ~ D

“I’m still reverberating with so many treasured  experiences from Saturday’s Healing Dance!  The dances were engrossing, spirited & stirring. In addition, friendly warmth, delicious food, talented musicians, uplifting conversation, opportunity to share = healing on many levels. Your masterful synchronization created an exquisite opportunity for upliftment, replenishment, & restoration. The healing energy we generated & shared, blessed us & streamed outward. I’m still in a state of complete bliss & gratitude.” ~ B

Observing & taking it all in, I was struck by the peaceful cohesiveness of the group. The Dances had great depth.” ~ E

Dancing and Singing heal too

“Attending for the 1st time, the event exceeded my expectations.  It was one of the best days I can remember.  My spirit was full with an inexplicable feeling I liked & want more of. My spiritual growth is leading me down this path & I look forward to more time at Peacock Paradise.”  ~ L

“Thank you so much for the healing songs & dances that allowed me to finally let out the tears that I had been holding in for so long. Sitting by the lake with the reflection of clouds & trees on the still surface was the perfect place to get in touch with these feelings. Thank you for sharing yourself & your piece of Mother Earth with us in such a loving & meaningful way.”   N

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