May 2009


Dances of Universal Peace
January 24th, 2009

at Dancing Peacock Paradise

"Facing Adversity:
Light in the Darkness"


Keep to your principles in prosperity as well as in adversity.
Be firm in faith through life's tests and trials.
Meet the world with smiles in all conditions of life.

--Hazrat Inayat Khan

January 2012 at Dancing Peacock Paradise

Men & Women of all faiths are welcome to join in Sacred Dance together with this group of warm, friendly people.


"There are two different times in life when the danger of falling awaits: the time of prosperity & the time of adversity."
  -  Hazrat Inayat Khan


Words to some Dances we may do

Deeper, deeper into the heart of love 2x
Letting go into the mystery 3x
Rising in love.

Rejoice in Happy times together
And together bear adversities
Tashi Delek, Tashi Delek, Tashi Delek
Eh ma ho!

Jaya shiva Shankara
Vom Vom Hara Hara
Hara hara hara hara
Vom Vom hara hara

Tara the White
She's the mother of light
She opens her arms
Walk into her heart
Om Tare, Om Tare,
Om Tare, Om Tare

Haida Haida hai-di-dee-dai-da
Haida, haida, haida
Haida, Hai-di-dee-dai-da Haida, Haida, Haida

Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna
As the light filleth the crescent moon.

When there's righteousness in the heart
There is beauty in the character
When there's beauty in the character
There is harmony in the home
When there's harmony in the home
There is order in the nation
When there's order in the nation
There is peace in the world.

Om Sai Ram, Prashanti Nilayam
Om Sai Ram, Peace on Earth
Om Sai Ram, Prashanti Nilayam
Om Sai Ram, Peace on Earth

I am blessed by your presence, O Lord
I am filled with your blessings, Allah.
La illaha il Allah,
La illaha il Allah,
La illaha il Allah
Ya Allah

There is a Secret One in side us
All the stars and all the galaxies
Run through her hands like beads.
Ishq Allah Mahbood lillah Allah
Ishq Allah Mahbood lillah Allah
Allah, Allah

Lead us from the false to the real 2x
I'm not who I think I am ~
I am that I am.

Blessed Be!