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Dances of Universal Peace

Next Dance: May 23rd
"In The Flow"

with DiAnahita Kanoy
with music by Our Musicians

May 2015 at Dancing Peacock Paradise Click to view photos from our May 2015 event. May 2015 at Dancing Peacock Paradise
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Rainbow Springs, Florida

On Sat, June 20, DiAnahita will lead Dances of Universal Peace at Unity of Citrus County in Lecanto, SW of Ocala, near Rainbow Springs, good place for a pilgrimage!  Details ~ June Newsletter.

Greetings & Welcome from our April Dancers
Humbleness - a Quality acknowledged by many religions & philosophies.
Ganges River
in the holy waters

Ganga ki Jai Jai, Jumna Ki Jai Jai
Sarasvati tri vayniki Jai Jai
Yamuna River in India
Jai Durga

Hindu Mother of the World Goddess eliminates demons with the weapons in her 10 hands

Jaya Jagadambe, Jaya Jagadambe,
Sri Ma Durga, Sri Ma Durga

Hey Ma Durga, Hey Ma Durga, Hey Ma Durga
Comments on April Dances
Thank you for a wonderful experience!  It felt so good to be Dancing again.   Love & Light, Indu Heather Eilering, 
Director of Programs – Salt Springs
I had a ball doing the dances. Thanks for allowing me to share the ukulele. The people are fantastic, the food is healthy & the grounds and birds are lovely.  You have one of the nicest homes I've ever been in. Thanks for sharing your joy with us!                      Nickie

Hi -D-Hita!     I really enjoyed the dance at the Unitarian Fellowship.  Don't think I've ever done the same dances two days in a row... that was part of the good energy.  It was a lovely time, & my friend really enjoyed it.  
Much love, Tee Lee
"Only Love is Flowing Here"
your true path
like  water  flows,
dissolves, dances, rises, falls,
is one with everything
.  Tao Te Ching
Sufi Meeting
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
"Blessings of Humility"

1717 Nw 51st Terrace, Gainesville 32605, 7:00 - 8:30 PM
 Time to connect with each other & the Divine as we join in Sufi practices, music & conversation.
"In devotion or love we cannot humble ourselves too much.”  Hazrat Inayat Khan
"Khalika" Rebecca Vincent

is now a Mentored Dance Leader for Dances of Universal Peace International

Her current project is funding Water Charity

Clean drinking water is the most essential element for human survival & the root of building sustainable communities in developing nations. Rebecca Vincent writes & performs her songs to educate & raise awareness of the pivotal impact access to clean water has on the lives of people just like you & me. Proceeds from the purchase of her song supports Charity: Water.   "A Drop in the Bucket"

Khalika will perform some of her Water songs before the Sat. evening dance.
Anahita, Persian Goddess of Water
Dance Strengthens the Brain
by Ruth Buczynski, PhD
Dance improves motor & cognitive function, mental symptoms, & overall quality of life.
Dance develops flexibility & confidence
stimulates mental activity linking mind to body
focuses attention on eyes, ears & touch as tools to assist in movement & balance
breaks isolation, tells stories
sparks creativity, increases rhythm
unleashes joy!
Akbar & Jessica
Blessings to our Habibi Friends from Sarasota, who were married on the New Moon Sun Rise April 18
Hildegard with her Peachicks
- hatched today!
Dancing Peacock Paradise

The very first night
they have to follow mama,
flying up to roost in the tree branches.
Florida Dances of Universal Peace
Florida Dances of Universal Peace
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Email Us
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"Peace, Salaam, Shalom!"

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May 2013 at Dancing Peacock Paradise
"Dancing Peacock Paradise is an amazing space to deepen dance practice. It is very beautiful and inviting, an experience not to be missed. I have spent wonderful, magical days here over the years and cherish all. I look forward to returning."
-Sophia Shunny
Silver City, New Mexico

Thanksgiving 2009 at Dancing Peacock Paradise

Dances of Universal Peace honor religious traditions of the world by chanting phrases from holy scriptures & oral traditions.

Everything is taught in the moment as we join our voices together.

More details about Allaudin and Lila’s 2013 Dance Retreat

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