May 2009


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Oh, Diana, DiAnahita..!

This newsletter may be your masterpiece, at least so far. I liked right away that you were taking a seasonal perspective, and then it just kept getting better and better and better, from the opening "peaceable kingdom" photo with all of your sweet creatures the next thing I noticed the "featured dance" -- which felt like a new angle, and it immediately appealed to me. I could feel a kind of body-emotional "highlighting" at the idea of making that dance the special one. Then I moved to the next delight -- seeing the photo of dear Lila holding the kitten and reading the stirring lyrics of the Ocean Refusing No River...and, if all that were not enough, that exquisite photo of the river entering the sea.

So, I was in a happy state of marveling and appreciating, and then there was Joy (great idea to acknowledge and express gratitude for all she's contributed, including on her websites) and the photo of Celia, dear Patrick's latest..! I loved the story and was nearly weeping myself at the thought of how moving his words in Tamil must have felt to those assembled. And what an amazing honor to be invited, already, for 2014 and 2016.

There were other fine details, like Pir Zia and recipe ideas...(but I don't want it to sound as if I'm gushing..! :)

I hope you know that I'm only trying to convey the various inner responses I enjoyed while reading through. I'm not remembering if you've done the magazine-style formatting before? I recall more of a linear, top-to-bottom experience. I'm impressed...I never did manage to upgrade, from the vertical scroll to the appealing newsletter format you've achieved, when I sent out Ocala IONS announcements.

I'll stop for now...but wanted you to know how much appreciation I'd felt. Missing it all...Missing you..!

Love, Barclay Braden

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