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2011 Florida Sufi & Dance Retreat
"Freely Give, Freely Receive:
Opening our Hearts to Divine Grace"

2011 dance retreat with Lila Flood & Allaudin Ottinger in Ocala, Florida

with Lila Flood & Allaudin Ottinger
Thurs - Sunday, Sept 29 to Oct 2, 2011

Our 2011 retreat was deep and rich in harmony and joy. Look at the 2011 Retreat page as well as the slide show of Tom Bergbower's photos (see below). See all the radiant faces of the leaders and participants, read some of our Haiku, and articles about the retreat by Nuran and Sh'mal.

2011 dance retreat with Lila Flood & Allaudin Ottinger in Ocala, Florida

"My first camp has been Awesome! Nice mix of activities -- wonderful leaders, beautiful surroundings, vegetarian food!"

Allaudin Ottinger
"Thanks for holding the attunement that transmits the Sufi tradition into the present. You model attention to perfection with complete permission to personalize the practices based on our evolving search for truth."
Lila Flood

Allaudin Ottinger is an active proponent of the "Peace through the Arts" movement who has overseen Dances of Universal Peace meetings since 1979. One of America's best-loved leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace, Allaudin combines a relaxed style and good sense of humor with exceptional musicianship.

As a professional musician he has performed in a wide variety of settings throughout the country helping discover, uncover, and manifest the sacredness of sound. Allaudin is recognized as a senior teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat International and as a mentor in the Dances of Universal Peace Network who has led camps, seminars and retreat around the world.

Lila Flood has been a facilitator of The Dances of Universal Peace for thirty years. A music teacher by profession, she brings ease, clarity, and musical excellence to the circle, along with a deep and joyous devotion. She has created a number of Dances that are shared in circles around the world, including Ana El Na, He Kehua, and The Ocean Refuses No River.

"Thank you for reminding us that Grace is constantly being bestowed upon us."

Allaudin Ottinger
"Lila's choir is always a high point. She and Allaudin make such a great team. The healing circle was very powerful."
"Wonderful camp. Incredible leaders."
Lila Flood

"Thank you for your guidance and wonderful meditations and zikrs.
Truly elevating. Helped take me to special places."

Lila & Allaudin with DiAnahita in 2011

Lila, DiAnahita, and Allaudin

"Your radiant smile and beautiful music, plus delightful leadership makes our DUP inspirational beyond words."

"Thank you for such a beautiful example of clarity in voice and life. Your passion for music and the Dances is inspiring."

Habiba whirling in Central Park on Rumi Urs

"The turning gave me a sense of opening and praise in a new way, like a spinning top pulled by the love of the Universe.
Habiba gave us such a gift in showing us how to be dervishes, patiently answering our questions, teaching us another way to pray."

Habiba led us in Qi Gong each morning

"The Chi Gong sessions were a real highlight of the retreat. I also experienced a deeper sense of spiritual attunement while turning than ever before. Habiba's uncritical supportive guidance was the key."

"Habiba's Turning and Qi Gong and Presence add so much to the camp. I'm so happy she was a part of it again."

2011 dance retreat with Lila Flood & Allaudin Ottinger in Ocala, Florida

"Leaving in the beautiful light, still vibrating in every cell with memories of ecstasy and delight. Thank you!" Joy

Download the haikus that some of us composed on Saturday

2011 Northern Florida Dance Retreat with Allaudin Ottinger and Lila Flood

2011 October 3 at Dancing Peacock Paradise, Ft. McCoy

"Thank you! Gracias! Shakur Allah! Your ability to share your deep spiritual wisdom and inspirational music has been a source of Amazing Grace and Blessing for me. I am so grateful. Thanks for helping me grow into myself and find my voice."

"This was my first experience in a choir
and I was delighted that I could do it!"

Gazebo at Dancing Peacock Paradise, Ft. McCoy, Florida

"DiAnahita, you are the hidden jewel. Camp was magical - and you are the magician making it all happen, creating space for us to have transformation. Thank you!"

O jewel of Florida
O sparkly Light
O Peace-Maker, Leader, Networker, Example
Thank You!