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Dances of Universal Peace

April 26th 2014
"Immersion in Beauty"

April 26th 2014 at Dancing Peacock ParadiseClick on image to view all 32 photos.

Immersion in "Beauty"

at Dancing Peacock Paradise, SE of Gainesville, Florida
Dances of Universal Peace ~ Saturday, April 26

RSVP for directions & carpool connections

                        2:00 – 2:45    Arrival & Enjoying Nature
                          3:00 – 5:00    Dances of Universal Peace
                          5:00 - 6:00     Free time in Nature & Setting up Potluck
                          6:00  - 7:00    Dinner @ the Cottage
                          7:00               Zikr
                          8:30               Desserts

Suggested donation $10.00 + $5.00 if you choose not to bring a dish
If you would like to spend Saturday night
please make reservations in advance.  $25 includes breakfast. 

March Dances of Universal Peace
See "Testimonials" below about the power of the Dances of Universal Peace
Sufi Class

Wednesday, April 16

7:00 - 8:30 pm followed by tea
Tigert House, 224 NE 10th Ave & NE 3rd St
Gainesville, Florida
Topic:  "Character Building"
with a reading from Hazrat Inayat Khan,
prayers, practices, poetry, zikr, & a dance.

RSVP for details
Inayat Khan playing the vina
Every time I do the Dances of Universal Peace I feel so connected spiritually & so full. Yet this past Saturday was an exceptional experience of dancing for me. 
      I am out of work looking for a job. I found out this past week I did not get a position that I was a finalist for that really wanted. So I was seeking a way to connect to Spirit for direction & re-alignment. I decided to come to the dances & devote the day to Spiritual connection. 
     I took the long way from Fernandina Beach to your place because I wanted to use my drive time for prayer & thinking. I got to Peacock Paradise early & took the time to walk your labyrinth - going in with questions & out with openness to Spirit's answers. I walked the property, taking photos of so much beauty I saw & then the dances...it seems every dance was chosen specifically for me. We danced & sang of the Gods removing obstacles, of being cleansed so I can be all I can be, of fire burning away my fears, of not being alone...all personal messages related to my situation of job search, & other personal challenges I find myself confronted with right now. I enjoyed being in the glow of love of so many others aligned spiritually to the One & each other. I felt grateful for the beauty of the environment. I left feeling filled beyond what I imagined. I came away from Saturday inspired, courageous, confident, & strong & connected to Spirit. Saturday was a meaningful time dancing for me, more than most other times. 
      I have many folks tell me they respect me for being so positive when faced with such adversity in my life. I know it is because of the choices I make & the things I do to keep align with positive energy. The dances Saturday is an example. Just makes me want more. Thank you for providing the dances with such love & devotion. I so appreciate what you are doing. 
                                                              Love, Janet

Joy rises as we sing & dance together.
       STAMP:  The UK Post Office has issued
a special commemorative postage stamp in honor of Noorunisa Inayat Khan born 100 years ago, who was a British spy of Indian origin executed by the Nazis.
       Noor was the daughter of Hazrat Inayat Khan & his wife, Ora Ray Baker from America. The photo taken in 1940 in her WAAF uniform, is held in the Imperial War Museum in London and also appears on the cover of Shrabani Basu's book " The Spy Princess"
Allah Ya Jamil Dance
Ishq Allah Mahbood Lillah
(God is Love, Lover & Beloved)
Allah  Ya Jamil
(God, O Divine Beauty)
Allah, Allah
     Surrounded by beauty, enriched by song & enlivened by dance, Saturday was an opportunity for us to rejoice in praise & thanksgiving for the divine in ourselves, each other & all of life. In what I can only imagine is an immensity of work undertaken each month to provide these sacred gatherings, I say "Thank you, Diana, & God bless you!"          Patricia
        From my heart I extend a whole wagon full of gratitude to you for hosting such an everlasting experience of peace & love at your home of serenity.  I so very much thank you for inviting me
to join in the beautiful prayer & dance gathering.   
          The feeling was like being embraced within
the big wings of love of our Creator & Mother Earth,
warm & kind & good & wholesome & creative & fun!
           Truly soul food!  I was honored to be in the circle with you & all the others to do the dances & prayers, & ceremony giving thanks & love back to Mother Earth & our Creator.            Love, Freedom
Charlemagne is Back!

Missing since November, our fine-feathered friend has appeared in full spring glory.  Beauty indeed! 
Here seen chasing away his brash son.
Please join us to Dance in Beauty
Mark your calendar, as we do not send reminders.
   RSVP  here

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March 2013 at Dancing Peacock Paradise
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May 2013 at Dancing Peacock Paradise
"Dancing Peacock Paradise is an amazing space to deepen dance practice. It is very beautiful and inviting, an experience not to be missed. I have spent wonderful, magical days here over the years and cherish all. I look forward to returning."
-Sophia Shunny
Silver City, New Mexico

Thanksgiving 2009 at Dancing Peacock Paradise

Dances of Universal Peace honor religious traditions of the world by chanting phrases from holy scriptures & oral traditions.

Everything is taught in the moment as we join our voices together.

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