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Dances of Universal Peace

Saturday, February 23, 2019
at Dancing Peacock Paradise

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Join us at Dancing Peacock Paradise  ~  Please  RSVP
"Love's Mysteries"

A day of Singing, Dancing, Enjoying Nature,
Meeting Friends, Poetry, Prayer, Eating, & Zikr

      2:00 – 2:45           Arrive, Check in, Socialize, Walk the Labyrinth
      3:00 – 5:00           Dances of Universal Peace
      5:00 – 5:45           Group photo, Free time in Nature,
      6:00 – 7:00           Potluck dinner
      6:45 - 7:00            Relaxing to Music
      7:00– 8:30            Candlelight Zikr
      8:30 – 9:15           Desserts & Conversation
$10 donation + potluck dish or $5 extra
Reserve in advance to spend the night

Directions & Details will be sent after you sign up
Retreat with Maitreya & DiAnahita

April 6 & optional 7th ~ Theme "Keys to Dancing"
 RSVP   with notation "RETREAT"        See below for more information

& at   www.PeacockParadise.org  
Register Now ~ Space is Limited
Children under 13 Free!  Teens
& Young Adults 14 – 35 half price!
You can register by PayPal:
Log In - Link a credit card or bank:
Select option:...More - Send a gift
Enter $100. Sat. or $150 both days
Click “Add a note”
       put your name & email address.
Or a check written to Diana Kanoy
PO Box 376, Fort McCoy, FL 32134
Questions?   RSVP  or Email 
Margaret Germain on the harp
Four Heavenly Abodes
Mettā Karuṇā Muditā Upekkhā
Mettā Karuṇā Muditā Upekkhā
Abide in love & compassion, Dwell in joy & equanimity
Abide in love & compassion, Dwell in joy & peace

Ancestors, sky people
all here today
Hear my heart song
Hear my respect
Hear my love
Hear my grateful tears fall
I am truly blessed,
you are truly blessed
We are truly blessed
An Objective of the Sufi Path
To realize  &  spread the knowledge of Unity,  the religion  of Love & Wisdom, so that the bias of faiths & beliefs may of itself fall away, the human heart may overflow with love, & all hatred caused by  distinctions  &  differences  may be rooted out.               Hazrat Inayat Khan
Comments on January's Dance
Saturday’s healing dance was one of the most profound we’ve had.  Everyone was so attuned that the atmosphere was energized with a calm vibration.  Thanks to all for your sincere participation in the music, practices & dances. 

        I am still floating on the heartfelt joy engendered by the experience of dancing together again! Thank you for your artful orchestration, which created an exquisite opportunity for replenishment & restoration. I feel blessed to have participated, & my heart is soaring with such gratitude.    

Observing & taking it all in, I was struck by the peaceful cohesiveness of the group. These Dances had great depth.~ Elizabeth

It was a joy to be at Peacock Paradise for the dances last month.  Thank you for opening your beautiful home for all of us to come together for healing and fellowship.  The day was just what Janet and I needed. 
Pour upon us Thy Love & Thy Light
Te Aroha
Maori from New Zealand


Te Aroha
Te whakapono
Te rangimarie
Ta tou ta toue


Sharing the Love
everyone’s Song
Finding deep Peace within
Uniting All as One
Return to Love
Amida Harvey
O may all beings be well & happy
May all beings be free from strife
May all beings return to Love
Peace be with you ~ Forevermore
Love is the merchandise which all the world demands; if you store it in your heart, every soul will become your customer.     -Hazrat Inayat Khan
Please take a minute to watch this video describing the
Beyond Initiative
a new project sponsored by Dances of Universal Peace International.   Young Dance leaders are reaching out to youth in Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Iran & in remote areas of the Middle East, Asia, & Africa to youth in ecovillages & sustainable communities.
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"This Kalama Dance was the seal on the Murshid Sam Dargah Dedication Celebration Aug 24-27, 2017, danced right inside the new Dargah structure." -Shabda Kahn

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May 2013 at Dancing Peacock Paradise
"Dancing Peacock Paradise is an amazing space to deepen dance practice. It is very beautiful and inviting, an experience not to be missed. I have spent wonderful, magical days here over the years and cherish all. I look forward to returning."
-Sophia Shunny
Silver City, New Mexico

Thanksgiving 2009 at Dancing Peacock Paradise

Dances of Universal Peace honor religious traditions of the world by chanting phrases from holy scriptures & oral traditions.

Everything is taught in the moment as we join our voices together.

More details about Allaudin and Lila’s 2013 Dance Retreat

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February 2013 at Dancing Peacock Paradise