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Dance Community Feedback

I had such a wonderful time with you all this past weekend. I felt like a child again exploring your wonderful property and it was so very refreshing to meet such graceful and welcoming souls. it really felt like going home!! It was such a inspiring day and I very much look forward to returning at the end of this month and the opportunity to stay overnight this time

My heart is filled with excitement at the thought of visiting and dancing again everyone.

The first zikr [Only One] was just marvelous!

Warmest blessings and light, Samantha

Such a polished reflection presented so well! I so enjoyed sitting on the dock the next day with you and Joy and soaking up the sun and peace. :-)
Hugs, Talia

Good Morning Diana!

I just wanted to let you know that Aurora and I were completely moved by the dance that Saturday. I have 3 daughters, Aurora is the oldest, and she and I have had a difficult relationship over the years, especially last year due to some tragic events. I've been working on healing the relationship and it has improved slowly.

Nevertheless, something spiritual happened to us that magical Saturday. We haven't argued once since then. Aurora is much more affectionate with me, and we get along better than ever before.

Elena & Aurora at Dancing Peacock Paradise, Easter weekend 2013

I know this transformation is a result of our experience with all of you. I consider our new relationship a miracle as the result of the prayers in recitation, song, and dance.

On the way home that night Aurora said that this was the best day of her life. I owe it all to you and the group. The spirit of peace was tangible that day, and we were able to bring this life force home with us. My heart, mind, and soul thank you for this. I am planning on attending again in April and May.

Thank you, again. Elena

I read what Elena wrote, and thought; what a positive result from your bringing in the youth idea. I also thought how the dances make you love people who you otherwise may never have. They really promote cooperation, and a spiritual focus on one love that makes everyone naturally more harmonious. Universal Peace Dance, of course. What a balm for the generation gap. And at risk teens.

Love, Lee Pinkerson

Dear DiAnahita,

Thank you for once again, opening and offering your heart and home to create a Sacred Circle of Love, Harmony and Beauty. And we all gloried in the spirit of such joy, vitality and absolute lightness of being, that also reflected the turning of the season and the approaching Spring.

It was a magnificent experience, and I (again) feel truly blessed! Alhamdulillah!

In Abundant Love and Deep Appreciation, Many Blessings to you and all,

-Sukaynah Holly Graced

What a beautiful gathering of dancers. Your heart theme describes it perfectly. My heart was bathed in the purity of spiritual light and love. Namaste
-Lee Pinkerson

Hello dearest DiAnahita,

I began thinking of you this morning, with all those joyful beings...waking up in your beautiful surroundings, having breakfast, then the universal worship service. I do wish I could have been there to continue to savor the array of meaning and pleasure from yesterday, but I've spent the day feeling grateful for the hours I was able to be with you. Everything about this month's dance felt absolutely wonderful to me, in every way...just like it always does, but somehow even better..! Thank you a million times over for all you do to make possible the gift you so generously offer to the rest of us.

It felt so 'right' to me that you were highlighting the contributions of the Habibis..! I hope they will want to be there ever more often...maybe even feel like it's another home base for themselves. What an unfolding that could be..! Their youthful energy is pure delight.

The first zikr [Only One] was just marvelous! Thank you, Bless you, Love you..!


The day was absolutely wonderful and I am so blessed to have my Dancing Family in my heart - my heart is full.

Your aura was full of white light - I was in awe when I looked up and there the fullness of your being was radiant with the all Prevading Light! Keep on Shinning!

Thanks, Tamara

Anytime DiAnahita! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It is such a special gathering of people and a great gift that you give to us all.
Love, Sundari

"Thank you for one of the best weekends I've ever spent. I mean, how often do you get to sleep in a swinging bed in a tree house? Your house and grounds are so beautiful. It really is a paradise. Even your animals are picture perfect. The image I will hold in my head for the weekend is Charlemagne the peacock, dancing in the background as you were teaching us a dance. So magical - the whole experience was magical. The love, energy and pure joy of the dances have me intoxicated. I truly love all the dancers I've met so far. I can hardly wait to do it again.

Thank you for having these dances at your home, letting us "common folk" experience paradise for an afternoon... You are wonderful...Thanks again. See you soon,"

- Kathy

My first visit to Dancing Peacock Paradise was a 2 day retreat, in the year 2000. It was then, that I realized, the Dances were very special.

When we circle up and bend forward and backward, we are drinking from "The Well of the Divine".

Come, come whoever you are, and Taste the Sweetness of Your Soul.

Manny G.

Do you know how many hearts you've lifted?

love, Lee Pinkerson

Dearest DiAnahita,

l wanted you to know how many gratitude memories are continuing to fill my heart from Saturday's dance! From the moment you called us in to begin walking together, I felt a sense of deep homecoming. For me there is nothing in the world like standing in circle for Sufi dancing...and l will remain forever grateful to YOU for bringing into my life such a unique and amazing gift..!

What kept stirring me most, this time especially was the incredible beauty that surrounded us. Your home looked extra inviting in all of its autumn colors, echoing the dark gold-red of the trees through the windows. During the first two hours we danced, the afternoon light on the lake kept changing, and each time, it seemed, kept looking more and more lovely. At one point you were standing right under the heart & wings, with your silver hair streaming down, all illuminated from behind, looking virtually angelic!

I'm feeling an amplified form of appreciation, having been away for so many months, and for not having expected to be able to join you on Thanksgiving weekend!

With much love, Baraka

Wonderful dance with the healing energy found deeply in the hearts and bodies off all participants. Loved the day

Cindy Goldberg Newman

Dear DiAnahita, I wish to thank you foremost for your kindness in opening up your home in such a gracious manner. My experience of the/that weekend is so broad in scope i must start with your kind spirit ; secondly , the collaboration of 'spirit' among-st your guest compassed true. Dancing/Canoodling/Fellowship all had it's affect on spirit - as well as - adult stay-cation; stop signs be damned all roads allowed for merging , so thank you again for harnessing the energy that your emote.

post script: my fascination with the presentation that Patrick gave - enlightened - many aspects of my world view ; balancing the experiences revealed with my ignorance/non-focus on such an expansive swath of the world...thank you Patrick.

Stan Saint Louis

I feel blessed to have spent time amongst so many beautiful souls at Peacock Paradise last weekend. The dances and fellowship were uplifting and reinvigorating for my body, mind and soul. Thank you Diana for opening your paradise to us!


It is indeed a kind of paradise, not only to dance together, but to enjoy your beautiful grounds! I feel a sense of peace from it. Thanks for hosting/leading such a wonderful event. Be well, and God bless,


Dancing Peacock Paradise is an amazing space to deepen dance practice. It is very beautiful and inviting, an experience not to be missed. I have spent wonderful, magical days here over the years and cherish all. I look forward to returning.

Sophia Shunny
Silver City, New Mexico

You raise the bar continually by leading difficult dances with grace. Your attunement to the dance and your audience is beautiful to see. Thank you for amazing and inspiring me, again and again and again. All your preparation to lead the dance does not go unnoticed. You are still my teacher and I learn so much from you each time I am in your presence. Thank you for your consistency.


Thanks to you Anahita for holding the concentration for this gathering. Do you know how many hearts you have lifted? (and sent back out into this world in need of such a remedy)
Blessed Be and Much Love and Gratitude


Hi Lovely One,
I cannot Thank You enough for all your organizing, loving, connecting, caring. Our extra night with you in your wonderful space, and getting to know each other more was such a treat and thank you for the rescue!

You are Remarkable!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Enjoy the Jamyat and I look forward to joining hearts and hands in another Circle another time. Until then, know that someone is sending good thoughts your way and supporting all that you do in this World!

All Blessings,
Diane Shaffia

I cannot believe how incredible these Haiku are! What a magical day. The best $75 I ever spent!


Dear DiAnahita,
Thank you for coordinating such a wonderful experience for all this weekend. I feel so fortunate to have had the pleasure of attending this event. I find the Sufi philosophy to align with my appreciation of the common guiding principles of many religions. Thank you so much,

Yasmine Lewis

Thanks Diana. Jen had a wonderful first experience and I had a lovely time as well. The spirituality of the evening was inspiring.

Zehra Linda

Hi Diana,
I enjoyed the Hawaiian flavor of the honoring the earth yesterday. Very appropriate for these times and days. My friends truly enjoyed it and complemented you on your style and grace. Llife is good and I'm so glad that I found you and your Dances of Peace!

Love, Kathy

I had a good time playing over there. Thanks.

Mike Felisko

Hey Diana,
Thanks to you (and Patrick), so much, for the fun photos ! Yes - in fact K. did enjoy himself - and everyone else at the dance, immensely. He's already stated a few times that he wants to be at the next one . I was really glad to hear him say that ! I certainly enjoyed the day myself, and thank you, as always, for your warmth and graciousness.

Love and hugs,
Lynn : )

As usual the music and dancing was beautiful! I really enjoy participating and learning each time I come. It's really wonderful. I'm so thankful for your gift. I would love to come and visit this summer.

Love, Konnie


Just wanted to thank you for your Dances of Universal Peace Events in Florida. It was so great to have that connection while traveling! The space you've created at Peacock Paradise is so beautiful and energy rich! And neat knowing my brother had been there. Thanks for sharing it.

Greg Miller (from Colorado)

Let's start at the beginning! Knowing DiAnahita over the years, I have experienced her natural teaching ability leading and have noticed the growing edge of careful planning, creative presentation, and gracious giving of herself to others.

When I pull into the long driveway that leads to Peacock Paradise I breathe a sigh of relief. The beauty of the wide open fields to the left tinged with red swaying grasses in the breeze, the welcoming woods with many pathways of palms and dancing oaks, the Labyrinth & Gazebo by the Lake, the Tree House and other beautifully designed places to sleep over, and of course the Himalayan cats and peacocks that appear out of nowhere when you least expect it, are so welcoming.

The excitement of knowing that all my needs will be met by the wholesome energy that surrounds me in the safety net that she has created for her guests. I know that this was her dream, her life's work unfolding before my eyes. Cooperation and good will exude from all who enter and support is warmly felt because it has been prepared so well.

This program of the Dances of Universal Peace, outdoor walks & Dancing the Elements in Nature, Zikr, Poetry Workshop, the special Universal Worship on Sunday morning all filled my hungry soul's yearning for beauty, hope and faith in the world that together we can create anew. It all came together to enrich my palate for miracles and the elevated state of Bliss wherein I can once again notice my inner core of Peace and Joy.

The Secret is Revealed! Thank You, Diana! Blessings flow,



Thank you so much for all of the beauty that you so lovingly created last weekend. it was a wonderful and magical time that has provided me with so much; in fact, it's been a week since the retreat and in spite of many work and family challenges and obligations, I've continued to remain in a place of inner calm and tenderness.

I am grateful to you for your commitment to the dances and for opening up your "paradise" to the community. It is indeed inspiring. i hope to dance with your wonderful community again soon.


Dear Diana,

The dance retreat was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, but I do say "almost" because the two times at your house were on par...

Three days of singing prayer, alpha meditation, dancing with friends....almost constant communication with God put me in a state of mind that I wish I could continue tomorrow in a likewise manner...


It all felt so utterly wonderful, on so many levels, I am literally reverberating with the myriad joys I experienced.

I am thanking you...from the depths of my heart & the tips of my wings!

With much love,

Hello Diana Anahita

The weekend was totally life reaffirming. It filled me with hope and refilled my near dry reservoir of life giving energy. It gave me strength to give my love away, and a strong desire to do so. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us.

Even more so, Thank you for giving and teaching us all that you've put so much time and energy into learning and sharing. The beautiful songs and prayers are so nourishing to my soul. It's a really good thing, what you're doing and will have far reaching effect.

With love, prayers and blessings,

Dear DiAnahita,

The dancing was awesome. Very intimate and deep. As you know, I have searched far and wide and participated in many spiritual practices. The Dances keep drawing me, like a flower to the sun. Thank God for the Dances--- they help to forget all the sorrows and saddness in our world.



What a lovely weekend, so necessary as a lifting up from daily reality, a time to breathe, surrender, engage, simplify and worship. Your gifted leadership and the way the days flowed really made that possible.

As an aside, i have seen you grow in confidence, serenity, and skill on the peace dance path, over the many years we've been connected, and it's a marvelous testament to your own evolution as well as to the sufi way. One of the things that struck me most was the kind, gentle energy.


Dear DiAnahita,

The 2011 New Year's Eve Global Peace Dance was simply terrific! Afterwards so many people commented that they felt energized and elevated by it. This will remain with everyone for a long time, and will help us all to build our dance practice individually and as a community. Add one more thanks from me for all of us!