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Dances of Universal Peace
Dancing Peacock Paradise

December 2010 Events

New Year's Eve
Global Peace Dance

"Awakening to Inner & World Peace"
at United Church of Gainesville

Here's what Hakima had to say about this year's Global Peace Dance: 

I'm so grateful to have been part of the New Year's Eve Dance.  Out here with family, I've become more and more aware of how I longed to sing and dance with heartfelt companions again and how that feeds my soul.  Thank you for the opportunity!

The Dances were truly lovely.  The peace that entered the room and enveloped us all was a blessing, called forth by our sincerity and willingness.  And the readings from inspired souls - Rumi, Gandhi, Swami Beyondananda (!) - touched us all deeply and opened our hearts in a powerful way.  You showed wonderful mastery in guiding the group energy in a flow from Dance to Dance with thoughtfulness and humor.  The musicians and readers became channels of Spirit, and the Dancers moved into a heart space of love and peace. 

As Inayat said in the reading:  "You only have to move, and all will be done."

Saturday, December 11
Special Dance Evening

Led by
DiAnahita Kanoy

Certified Dance Leader
Mentor, International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace

We will gather for a potluck dinner at 5 pm at the house, then dance together afterward followed by zikr & desserts.

Robin Mallor

With guest leader
Robin Mallor
from Michigan

"People were attracted to the dances, just as I had been, from a place inside themselves that wanted to sing and dance and pray with others outside the boundaries of religious formalities." -Robin

And introducing
musician and
guest Dance Leader


Our Thanksgiving Gathering was a joyful event with harmony & gratitude abounding.

Upcoming Events - Winter 2010

Joyous Holdiay Celebration!


Saturday December 25 - 3pm-9pm

Xmas 2010 at Dancing Peacock Paradise

A Day & Evening of Divine Dances of Universal Peace
at Dancing Peacock Paradise

near Ocala & Gainesville, Florida

2:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Please arrive in time to begin dancing together at 3:00

  • Dances of Universal Peace 3:00 pm
  • Candlelight
  • Gift Giving
  • Potluck Dinner in the house
  • Zikr
  • Holiday Desserts
  • Live Music - Love Offering

Dress in your Festive Holiday Finery!

Please bring:

  • A wrapped inexpensive or free Gift for someone anonymous:
  • A Treasure from your house that you are ready to pass on, or something homemade such as cookies, or a special prize you have purchased, or something to add to the fun.
  • A mostly vegetarian Dish, which has been touched in some way by your own loving hands, or an extra $5 for dinner
  • Wear Festive Holiday clothing or something glistening or flowing!
  • Your reverent Holiday Spirit
  • Your Friends

Come for any or all parts with friendliness & loving hearts.

Xmas 2010 at Dancing Peacock Paradise

New Year's Eve Global Peace Dance

7:30 - 10 pm Friday, Dec. 31, 2010
United Church of Gainesville
1624 NW 5th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32603

The Global Peace Dance is held around the world each year to wish peace to all. This is our biggest dance of the year.

Dances of Universal Peace
at Dancing Peacock Paradise
Fun Facts for 2010

  • We held 11 dance events at DPP this year, including a weekend retreat
  • Around 150 different people have come here during the year
  • The average attendance has been 26 per dance
  • Patrick designed a web site:
  • Bill & Khurshid added a bathroom and entrance porch to the house
  • Khurshid & Mike built a large dancing deck
  • Bill built a fancy chicken coop, & we bought 6 baby chicks, now grown.
  • The chickens lay approximately 5 eggs per day in white, cream, tan, brown, & blue.
  • Mike set up a fenced organic garden

Questions? Contact:

Diana Kanoy
e-mail: FLRetreats 'at'