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2013 Florida Fall Retreat with Lila & Allaudin

The next dance will be Saturday November 23rd. Let’s reconvene with friends to immerse in love and joy next month.

2013 Florida Fall Retreat with Lila & Allaudin

Click on images to view slide show of all 100 images. 2013 Florida Fall Retreat with Lila & Allaudin

2013 Florida Fall Retreat with Lila & Allaudin

2013 Florida Fall Retreat with Lila & Allaudin

Florida Fall Retreat with Lila & Allaudin

Thursday, October 17 – Sunday, October 20, 2013
with an additional music & dance day on Monday, October 21
Ocala Conference Center in Sliver Springs, Florida

“This is the Breath that Counts”

Those who have met these Radiant Beings need no description,
just a memory of the Glory of their Presence. 
Hear Lila’s voice. Get in rhythm with Allaudin’s drumming.  Feel the wazifa practice.  
Experience the zikr.   Laugh in the moment, feel hearts opening. 
Look into someone’s eyes & know that you are loved.
Dear Friends,   I so look forward to the beautiful synergy, created by the loving group of people who come together for these Florida camps.    Not only do we come together as a learning community (that knows  how to have a good time!) but also, we get insight into our own lives while invoking blessings for All beings. Such a deal! See you at camp...
                           Much Love, Allaudin O.
Habiba Cynthia Dollard

Habiba has been involved in the path of awakening most of her life, broadening into Sufism, for her, encompassing all of the other pathways.  In the early 80’s she first discovered a strong affinity with the deep prayer of the turn & the mystic poetry of Jellaludin Rumi.  She will share a participatory turning practice inspired by the "Whirling Dervishes," or Mevlevis, originating with Rumi.
Habiba is also an artist who creates works in a painterly style of batik.
Example Schedule
Friday & Saturday, October 18  & 19
7:00        Chi Gong – Habiba               
7:30        Sitting/Sufi Practices -  Allaudin
8:00        Breakfast              
9:00        Musical Awakenings ~ Choral Harmonies
               with Lila
10:00       Morning session ~ Allaudin & Lila
12:00       Lunch
2: - 3:00   Drumming Techniques with Allaudin
               Vocal Techniques with Lila
3:15–4:15 Turning – Habiba or Haiku with Katya
4:30         Afternoon session ~ Allaudin & Lila
6:00         Dinner
7:30         Evening Dance & Zikr
After        Snacks & Socializing – Dining Hall
Location & Transportation
Ocala Conference Center
6455 E. Highway 40
(Silver Springs Blvd) at 64th Ave.
Silver Springs, FL  (east of Ocala in north central Florida)
Office 352 236-2302

If you are FLYING in,
  Gainesville is the closest airport GNV (45 minutes
  Orlando MCO, Jacksonville JAX, or Tampa TPA, all
   large airports approximately 2 hours away.
  Daytona DAB (1 hrs ) is also a possibility. 
  You may need to rent a car, or we may be able to
    arrange pickup for a fee.

Excerpts from Retreat Reviews

See full articles at www.PeacockParadise.org

2011 "Prayer in Movement"

Sh'mal Ellenberg
        The weekend is an enthralling experience that includes music,  singing,  dance,  food, laughter, love, hand holding, hugging, sharing. One could not ask for a higher way to experience the best of humanity.  The underlying intention is to raise the consciousness of the participants & bring us closer to the Divine.
        Our hearts can open wider to love in new ways  so that when we leave the Dances,  we bring out into the world a bit of what transpired in us, so that a new sense of love consciousness is passed on to others.  The combination of loving hearts, beautiful music, sacred traditions, & divinely inspired practices makes our retreat a transformative experience. Alhumdulillah!

   2009 "Cultivating Joyous Gratitude"

Kate Johnson
       At the end of this retreat a large number of people  come out  into the world  full of the greatest joy, & bearing one of the best gifts we can share with others: Gratitude.
        How does this state of Grace manifest & come to be?       
        It begins in the heart of DiAnahita Kanoy, who with grace & tireless effort brings together so many elements. Most importantly, bringing us the Dance leaders who inspire us & work with her to create a fully rewarding experience.       
       Those who come over & over to these events have the joy of finding new friends & keeping connected to longtime friends. Those who are new find they come into one of the most fully rewarding experiences they could expect.

“Attuning Ourselves”

Corinne Rovetti
        Magic, I was told:  Allaudin & Lila work magic together…..a must, not to be missed.  These were the teases & taunts coaxing me to travel from Tennessee to Ocala, Florida, for a DUP retreat that promised & delivered on every imaginable count!
        The rhythm of Allaudin’s Doumbec, the chords of Lila’s guitar, in tune with the beating & strumming of my heart strings.  Turning …. learning to turn & turn again until we come right back to where we began….in the name of the beloved!  Habiba’s gifts: sharing morning Qi Gong, what a way to greet the day & attune ourselves for morning sessions…..and for life!
What greater gift could I bestow upon myself but to dance with those in step & tune with the sacred One. 

2005 “Rhythms of the Heart”

Mirabai Kylie Slavik
        Over eighty people attended this wonderful event that lives up to its name, & then some!
The combined leadership was truly alchemical, resulting in a deepening of retreat participants as well as in our local dance circles. Their master musicianship was one mode enabling this transformative process to take place.

“Teach us to Remember”

John Gorman

         Most of us have experienced the power of the dance in small groups, but all of us know that doing them with scores of our fellow dancers gives strength to these ceremonies that no tiny circle can match. Some have come from a few miles, several from hundreds & a handful from thousands to experience that feeling once again.  The ecstasy of being in the presence of Allah  does not have to wait  for the life after death, but can be experienced right here on Earth, if we choose to see God in our fellow human beings. The dance & all the practices are not ends in themselves, but the means to that vision.

          No particular belief system is involved, simply  dancing  for the spiritual benefits bestowed when moving to the sacred mantras
& making gestures sanctified by decades of masters.  The music helps us keep the rhythm of the dance but never calls attention to itself. We remain focused on our inner lives, looking into the eyes of our fellow dancers to catch a glimpse of the love that makes that inner life worthwhile.
My warmest Aloha to the
Florida Dance Circle!  
     I am so looking forward to our upcoming retreat.  I love the title, "This Breath Is The One That Counts" (courtesy of Allaudin), & feel with that as our focus, we will all join together to create a truly transformative & joyous experience.
     Much love & see you soon, Lila
Habiba, from Arkansas, began studying traditional martial arts as a teenager, focusing on Chen style Tai Chi & Chi Gong.  She will lead a morning Chi Gong practice that is a foundation set for this type of energy work  at the Florida Camp.
Monday Music & Dance
with Lila & Allaudin

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, Oct. 21, 2013
Dancing Peacock Paradise
Ft. McCoy, Florida
.    More music & dancing with Lila & Allaudin for dancers, musicians, leaders  & others interested in small group lessons to enhance  your singing, playing, or dancing ability.   We will eat, dance, pray & share experiences in a comfortable intimate setting,  as we  experience vocal & instrumental training, as well as dance details. 
     We will focus on strengthening our skills in areas where Lila & Allaudin excel:  opening our voices, playing open tuned guitar, keyboard, drums, reviewing and learning details about dances, & exemplifying spiritual commitment.  The leaders will respond to the choices & needs of the people who attend, so the content may vary  to be appropriate to the moment.
October 17
is Samuel Lewis's birthday!
He had the vision of the Dances of Universal Peace, & taught them to his hippie followers in San Francisco near the end of his life. He said, “The Dance is the way of life;  the Dance is the sway of life.   What life gives may be expressed with body, heart & soul to the glory of God & the elevation of humanity, leading therein to ecstasy & self-realization.  VERLIY, THIS IS THE SACRED DANCE.”
       Allaudin says,  “One nice thing about this program is that we get to experience some teachings S.A.M. received through his different guides of many  faiths, along with his original dances & those of his followers."                     
* As a first timer I felt very welcomed & accepted
   & comfortable.
* I really needed this – it lit my fire again!
* I truly appreciated the free-flowing give & take
   between Allaudin's leadership & Lila's.  It was
   smooth, relaxed, & complementary, each with
   their own style, humor, strengths.  
* I have attended the retreats with Allaudin
   Ottinger & Lila Flood for 12 years.  Every year it
   is the best ever!

PEAK  experiences
*Every time Lila sang alone was a peak
  experience!  Sweet Hawaiian songs
*Allaudin’s drum lesson & Sufi insights were
*Fabulous Zikr
*“Holy, Holy” with grand piano!
*Spontaneous release with Bismillah.  Heart
  very open.
*Sharing healing = all peak experiences.
*If you want the Peak, I’d have to say I was in the
  Himalayas this weekend (many peaks). 
*“Ancestors” & Lila & Allaudin together were my
  twin peaks.
*Mirroring – intense connection with a dancer - 
  giving me insight into my soul.
Thy Will be Done

Melody ~ Lila Flood,  Movements ~ DiAnahita
A round with 2 concentric circles, crossing at midpoint. 
The 2 circles do not mix, merely exchange places inner & outer.

Thy will be done Starting in outer circle facing in, arms by sides Walk in 4 steps through inner circle raising arms to sky, looking up.
Thy will be done Slowly spin Right ending facing center
On Earth Still facing center look in partner’s direction & extend arm sideways to partner & join palms
As it is Look to other side, extending arm joining palms with corner (body in shape of cross)
in hea-ven. Raise arms up to sky straight above head
La il-laha Back out 4 steps through outer circle lowering arms to become outer circle
il Allah Hu arms down, palms to earth, slowly spin left
Ya Salaam, Face corner, hands on own heart bowing, maintaining space between partners
Ya Salaam, Face partner, hands on own heart bowing
Ya Salaam. Hands still on heart, Spin past partner, face center & drop arms to sides
March 2013 at Dancing Peacock Paradise