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Dances of Universal Peace

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dancing Peacock Paradise, September 26, 2015
Click to view all photos from Sept 26th 2015. Dancing Peacock Paradise, September 26, 2015

Dances of Universal Peace - One Spirit in all traditions
Dancing Peacock Paradise

with DiAnahita
& special guests Jessica & Akbar

"Khalika" Rebecca Vincent and Kathy Staines on Guitar & Scott Kessler on Bass

Saturday, September 26, 2015
2:00 - 9:00 PM

Dancing 3:00 - 5:00
followed by potluck dinner & more dancing

Donation $10 + Potluck dish or extra $5

Ft. McCoy, Florida 

RSVP  with your town for directions & indicate if you'd like to carpool
Last Year's September Dance: 
Eat, Dance, Pray ~ in reverse order!
A bit of Dance Etiquette
Maintaining the sacredness of the dance space by a responsive, quiet, & prayerful attitude allows us to rise to great heights of joy & heartfelt connection with each other & the Divine.  Singing & dancing with respect for all spiritual traditions, we harmonize with each other and radiate peace to the world.  Listen in silence the first time the leader sings the song, even if you know it -- and especially if you don't!  Immerse yourself in loving energy, becoming one with all.
Khalika  debuts as a mentored dance leader with the Kalama
Sufi Study Circle

Wed. Sept 16, 7-8:30 PM

Readings of Hazrat Inayat Khan
Sufi Poetry, Practices & Prayers
followed by tea & conversation

at Taleeb's: 4901 NW 37th Dr
Gainesville, FL  32605

RSVP  for directions & info
If you are from out of town, & would like to spend Saturday night at Dancing Peacock Paradise: $25 person / night or $15 your own tent or RV.   To reserve a bed or space, Please   RSVP 
Projects at Peacock Paradise
Thanks to Mike Watts!
New Dock
with new screens & roof
Murshid Allaudin, Pir Shada & Beloveds at Mendocino Camp
Jonathan Merritt 
Sacred Fire Magazine
When first invited to join the Dances of Universal Peace, I was skeptical - even cynical - about the prospect that dancing together, looking into each other’s eyes & singing sacred songs could have any effect on my world.  What I experienced, though, was a deep connection & loving kindness among the people with whom I danced.
* Maori Chant Opening
from Rose Pere

Ko te Kuranui
Ko te Kuraroa
Ko te Kura Tu Hae Po .....
The "Habibis" from Sarasota will be joining us!  Jessica & Akbar will offer a Maori chant* & teach a zikr on Saturday, & lead Universal Worship on Sunday morning at 10:30.
Hazrat Inayat Khan
"All wisdom is from God; from whatever scripture, whatever religion, whatever form, it all comes from one Source."
Socializing after August Dance
at Gainesville Retreat Center
We had a big group including children!
& were too involved in dancing to take photos!
Photographers needed
for September Dance
Patrick will be out of town, so bring your camera  & snap some shots!  Before leaving, upload them to Diana's computer.
Florida Dance Camp

Thurs, Oct 29-Sun, Nov 1
Warren Willis Camp #2 Leesburg
, Florida

Click here for retreat details
on  Mike Felisko's  DUP  website

Information email  Jemila
Joy Dolci,
8741 Seagrape Ct., 
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920-2523
A Dance - "Thy Will Be Done"
Melody by Lila
Movements by DiAnahita
Words of Jesus & Mohammed

Thy will be done
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
La illaha il Allah Hu
Ya Salaam, Ya Salaam, Ya Salaam
* Divine Source realigns,
sharing vibrations of energy
~  clearing ~
The violet flame
transmutes & protects,
the cherishing waters
cleanse & strengthen
the Divine Heart.
It is time
for people to remember
their own power and wisdom
Regular monthly 4th Saturday  Dances of Universal Peace are resuming at Peacock Paradise on September 26. Mark your calendar:  Oct. 24,  Nov. 28,  Dec. 25 or 26 TBA, & the Global Peace ~ New Year's Eve Dance in Gainesville on Thursday, December 31 at UCG.
The Real Radish

Meet King Kitty
of Peacock Paradise
"in person" at the Dance
~ or on his own
Facebook Page!

@Radish McCat
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Florida Dances of Universal Peace
Florida Dances of Universal Peace
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"Peace, Salaam, Shalom!"

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May 2013 at Dancing Peacock Paradise
"Dancing Peacock Paradise is an amazing space to deepen dance practice. It is very beautiful and inviting, an experience not to be missed. I have spent wonderful, magical days here over the years and cherish all. I look forward to returning."
-Sophia Shunny
Silver City, New Mexico

Thanksgiving 2009 at Dancing Peacock Paradise

Dances of Universal Peace honor religious traditions of the world by chanting phrases from holy scriptures & oral traditions.

Everything is taught in the moment as we join our voices together.

More details about Allaudin and Lila’s 2013 Dance Retreat

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