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Dances of Universal Peace

with DiAnahita

Saturday, May 22, 2010
Dancing Peacock Paradise

Dancing Peacock Paradise

"River of Guidance"
Inspired by the Sufi Federation Meeting in California

The ocean refuses no river, no river
The ocean refuses no river, no river
Ishq Allah Mahbood Lillah, il Allah
Ishq Allah Mahbood Lillah, il Allah

-Lila Flood

May 2010 at Dancing Peacock Paradise

We will be dancing outside in the shade during the afternoon, so wear comfortable sandals or shoes and cool clothes. Bring your water, and cool food for the potluck, which we will eat lakeside on the picnic tables at the cottage.


Check in at the new kitchen porch of the house, and sign up for 'karma yoga' a bit of service to help the food presentation and cleanup processes.

May 2010 grace May 2010 grace


  • Take a look at the almost finished bathroom.
  • Go out back to see the 2 week old chicks in the A frame coop,
  • Admire the 10 week old Himalayan kittens in the Hermitage.
  • Look for the peacock Charlemagne in full feather, and his consort with 2 baby peachicks.

In the evening we will dance in the house.

May 2010 at DDP

To the Holy Rivers of India

Ganga Ki Jai Jai, Jumna Ki Jai Jai
Sarasvati tri-vay-niki Jai Jai

Water of life, cleanse my soul
Fire of truth, burn away my fear,
Wind of the spirit, let my being soar
Mother Earth, heal me again.

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