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Dances of Universal Peace
at Fernandina Beach, Florida

New Vision Congregational Church, Yulee
4:00 - 6:00 pm Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Bismillah -- We Begin in the Name of God"
Dancing for Peace
Followed by potluck dinner

Dances of Universal Peace, Fernandina Beach FL, January 2013

"These are some great photos! Thanks so much to Patrick for taking them. And many thanks again for your being with us this weekend, Diana. I truly enjoyed it and I know everyone else did."

Mary Moore, Minister
New Vision Congregational Church

Mary Moore

"It was a pleasure! Thanks for being you...I just love the dancing, the love, joy, and peace surrounding it. I had a great time, thanks again."


"I really enjoyed the dancing last night! Diana is quite a leader."

lv, Brenda

"This was really a nice event in Yulee, good for the soul. Everyone who attended--even those who may have been skeptical at first--emerged feeling really sublime and whole--and it showed on everyone's face too.


Dances of Universal Peace, Fernandina Beach FL, January 2013

The Dances of Universal Peace honor Earth's Sacred Traditions by combining mantra & scripture into Melodic Moving Meditations.

This participatory event included singing, dancing, & prayers led by DiAnahita, a respected leader who adeptly teaches songs and simple dances in the moment so everyone can join in, evoking joy and harmony that reverberates within and radiates from the circle.

Come with an open heart...ready to allow expansion of the place deep within that is already smiling and loving.

Dances of Universal Peace, Fernandina Beach FL, January 2013

Men & Women of all faiths are invited to celebrate together in these simple circle dances in the spirit of understanding.

Combining gentle group movements with sacred chants & songs, dancers join in an inter-faith, multi-cultural experience inspired by many spiritual traditions.

Experience the divine essence & connect with others in an uplifting, heartfelt, & joyful way.

  • No previous experience necessary
  • No partner necessary
  • $5 Suggested Donation

New Vision Congregational Church
96074 Chester Road
Yulee, Florida 32097

North of Jacksonville, West of Fernandina Beach

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Those who love, loving, pour forth Radiance
These are the sons and daughters of God
In my lifetime, love in every heart
In my lifetime, peace, peace on earth