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Dance & Sufi Retreat:
Deeper into the Heart of Love

with Leilah & Bodhi Be
Thursday-Sunday, October 28-31, 2010
at Dancing Peacock Paradise, Florida

Additional details for Retreat participants

O the Joyful anticipation of being together with you & our loving leaders Leilah & Bodhi for dancing, zikr, practices & companionship as we eat, dance & pray together!

About 35 of us will be living in community for the weekend, consciously sharing space & amenities, being graciously flexible, helpful, & accepting - a wonderful opportunity for days of spiritual practice! And we are so fortunate to be joined by a group of young adults who will boost the energy of the occasion.

Leilah & Bodhi Retreat 2008
Leilah & Bodhi Retreat 2008

Some basic information included on this page:

  • Dancing Peacock Paradise & Lodgings
  • Directions
  • Retreat Schedule
  • Karma Yoga assignments


  • You may arrive between 3:00 & 6:30 PM on Thursday afternoon for check-in, socializing, & enjoying nature.
  • You might want to eat dinner before arriving, or bring a brown bag meal for yourself & picnic here. Flying In:
  • If you are flying, the closest airport is Gainesville (GNV) about 45 minutes away. We might be able to have someone pick you up for a nominal fee.
  • The biggest airports with more service, are Jacksonville JAX, Orlando MCO, & Tampa TPA, all about 2 hours drive. You would need to make your own transportation arrangements to camp, either by renting a car, taking a shuttle or van, or contacting someone you know in those towns who will bring you.
  • Daytona airport is about 1 hours away.

Driving in & Parking

  • Turn in the yellow gate (20622) with flags flying.
  • Please stay on the sand tracks, not on the grass
  • Drive slowly to see any animals including gopher tortoises who munch grass right in the median.
  • Bear left all the way down the driveway.
  • At the privacy gate (more flags) the house is the left (straight) driveway & the right fork goes to the cottage.
  • Park on the brown leafy areas leaving the driveway open, either at the cottage (if you are tenting or staying in the cottage) or house, if you are in the Shallay, Peacock Penthouse, or Garaj Mahal.
  • Please leave clear all areas between buildings & the lake, so we can look out & enjoy nature.

Check in

  • We will register on the cottage porch on arrival to receive name tags, handouts including a site map, & directions to individual lodgings.
  • Everyone has paid in full, most likely, but if you have a balance to pay, it would be helpful if you bring cash, as we will not be able to go to the bank during the camp.
  • Dress for the season: Late October most likely will be warm, but can be surprisingly cool.
  • Wear cool, loose clothing, with layers & shoes that are easily removed: Flip-flops or clogs are great for the country. There is a shoe rack on the registration porch.
  • Bring a jacket or wrap & an extra blanket in case of chilly nights.
  • Let's be comfortable & natural & also dress up for evening dancing & zikr as desired.
  • Bring a swim suit if you like cool water or sunning.
  • Little boats will be available for going on the lake, or you may bring your own non-motorized craft.


  • Registration: between 4:00 & 6:30 on Thursday, October 28
  • Opening dance session beginning 7:30 Thursday evening
  • Please be punctual for all sessions, respecting the leader & beginning together
  • Final dance session ending before lunch on Sunday
  • Last event: Sunday, October 31, lunch
  • You may stay a while & enjoy the property
  • Last goodbyes by 4:00
  • A detailed schedule will be sent separately
Leilah & Bodhi Retreat 2008
Leilah & Bodhi Retreat 2008


  • Ray Ritz will be providing vegetarian meals prepared with love & flair.
  • If you have special dietary needs you may bring your own food (& a cooler since there will not be room in the refrigerators).
  • Do not take any food into any bedroom, outbuilding or tent, or you will be inviting critters of all sizes, from bugs to bears, that you would rather not sleep with.
  • Do not leave any unsealed food on the counter or garbage inside in trashcans. There will be outdoor compost & trash cans available.
  • Since the kitchen areas are small, please stay out of the kitchens unless you're doing the cooking or cleaning. We will eat all meals at the cottage.

Karma Yoga (Service)

  • Wanda Barnes will coordinate on-site karma yoga. Please direct questions to her (e-mail:
  • Everyone is asked to give the equivalent of three periods of service.
  • Much of the service will be helping Ray (he is so nice!) with food prep or kitchen cleanup.
  • We will try to schedule the work so you do not have to miss any dance sessions, including a 'work hour' after breakfast.
  • If anything breaks, please let Wanda or Michael know, so that later Diana will not search in vain for it, and can take steps for repair or replacement.

Musical Instruments

  • Please ask permission of the owner before handling any instrument that does not belong to you.
  • If you play music during free time, please play quietly away from the house. In front of the cottage would be a good place & you can serenade the karma yoga workers.
  • Bring drums for music class with Bodhi.
  • Maitreya Stevens is our official guitarist. Bodhi is the drummer. If you would like to play during the sessions, ask Leilah in advance if she wants extra accompaniment & don't assume that you will remain in the center after a dance.

Additions to Paradise

We have done so much work here to make this place even better for retreats!

  • A new kitchen/dining porch at the cottage
  • An adorable chicken coop, Bertha & Bessie's B & B (no, you can't stay there!)
  • An entrance porch outside the kitchen door
  • A new bathroom approachable from the deck
  • An expanded 'guest' room
  • An enlarged deck, big enough for dancing
  • The beginnings of a fenced vegetable garden
  • A young citrus & fruit grove (forest garden)

House = Sacred Space

  • After Thursday afternoon check-in, we will maintain a quiet, sacred atmosphere in the house.
  • As we arrive for the sessions we will enter in silence.
  • After the sessions we will go to the cottage area for meals and socializing.

Friday Evening Open Dance

  • On Friday evening, some members of our dance community who are not able to attend the whole retreat will join us for the dance. Please welcome them and help them absorb the atmosphere that we have entered by that time.
  • If you know anyone who wants to come, have them register on-line.

Questions or Problems

  • Michael Jamieson is the on-site camp manager.
  • If you have questions, suggestions, or problems, please consult with Michael, who will listen kindly & offer or find out a solution, or give consolation!
  • Toni Glover is the camp nurse, but we hope not to need her services.


  • Leilah will offer CD's for sale, so bring some extra cash!
  • DiAnahita is offering some of her pre-danced clothes at 'clothes-out' prices to support the young adult scholarship fund.
  • Dora Baker (904) 794-1988 will be in charge of the art shop, so get in touch with her if you have an Sufi- or Dance-related items to sell. Ten per cent of the gross will go to the camp budget.
  • The 'store' will be in the carport behind the house, and will have posted hours of operation.
  • Katya has a self-published journal guidebook, & a "fill in the blanks" seed book for people to write their own life stories, which will be available to purchase.
  • Ft. McCoy is not a shopping mecca. J Please bring everything you need! Ocala is 25 miles away.

Things you might want to bring (Put your name & number on anything you might possibly misplace!)

  • Flashlight (definitely!)
  • Drum
  • Water bottle
  • Umbrella (hopefully you won't need it!)
  • Camera (Not Video)
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Easily removed shoes
  • Recreational clothing
  • Dress up dance clothing
  • Beach towel, hat, sunglasses

In addition, everyone please bring (unless you are flying in)

  • Either an extra drum for someone else to use
  • Or a dessert or snack (preferably nutritious or homemade) to share one evening.

    And the Chef requests:

  • A box of your favorite tea bags to share or a bottle of your favorite juice

Checking Out

  • Please take your sheets to one of the laundry rooms when you rise on Sunday morning (by the Tiki Hut door or the pole barn behind the house.)
  • Tidy the space where you have been staying, remake the bed with clean sheets that are in the room, & leave it as clean as you found it.
  • Alternatively, bring your own sheets and place them over the sheets that are there, & then take them back home with you.
  • For those who are bringing their own tent, linen & bedding will not be furnished.
  • Please empty all trash cans into one of the large outdoor cans or the back of the turquoise truck.
  • Gather all your belongings including swimsuits or towels that may be on the clothesline, along with musical instruments, notebooks & purchases.

  • Let's set our intention for the camp now & while packing & traveling
  • Moving Toward the One, accepting & being grateful for all blessings & growth opportunities.
  • Entering the Yellow Gate, leaving all cares behind,
  • Opening spaciousness in our hearts for all that is offered.

Look for the Good & praise it!

Questions? Contact:

e-mail: FLRetreats 'at'

Leilah & Bodhi
Leilah & Bodhi